List of civilian casualties of the
War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

Middle East Children's Alliance - working for the rights of children in the Middle East

Upcoming events and specially scheduled activities will be posted on this page.

Lending Library: We have available for lending a number of resources: books, DVDs, CDs, documentaries.

Monthly Meeting

The monthly BACP meeting is held the first Monday of each month at 7 PM at:

415 Juniper, Brainerd
(SW corner of Gregory Park)


BACP Highway Cleanup - September 12, 2020

Adopt-a-Highway Project

The Fall 2020 BACP Adopt-a-Highway cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2020. Cleanup volunteers will meet at Morrison County Park (Belle Prairie Park - map) at 1:00 pm. Morrison County Park is located off Highway 371 north of Little Falls. A short assembly will be held to plan the cleanup. Due to concerns about the Covid-19 virus, we will maintain social distancing and meet only to pick up trash bags and plan our routes. There will be no potluck gathering after the cleanup.

Volunteers are encouraged to read the Adopt-a-Highway information posted here. Included in the Adopt-a-Highway information is how to report potentially hazardous materials encountered during the cleanup, tips to avoid poison ivy and other plants which cause itching, and Lyme Disease prevention advice.

In the event bad weather forces cancellation of the cleanup, a new date will be set.

Everyone is welcome to join the BACP Adopt-a-Highway cleanup and potluck. The project will be a great way to help the environment and share our message of peace. Please join us.

Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism takes on the most active, powerful and destructive military in the world. It tells the history of U.S. foreign wars - from the Indian Wars to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hard-hitting, carefully documented with 161 reference notes, and heavily illustrated, this 77-page book reveals why the U.S. has been involved in more wars in recent years than any other country. Read Addicted to War to find out who benefits from these military adventures, who pays and who dies.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein.

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